30 miles
   7 hours
    0 cars  

A free, self-supported walk/ride for all abilities

    Ride CANCELED for 2019

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt

 All successful entrants will be eligible for a drawing of $100. 

Other prizes may be awarded for creativity.

2018 Scavenger Hunt 

With your smart phone or digital camera, snap a photo of each of the below items on the Great Scott course and upload them after the ride at bikegreatscott.com on the Scavenger Hunt link.  Photos must be taken on May 6.

Deadline for submitting is 9 a.m., Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Can work in teams.

Scavenger Hunt Items

1. Two cows

2. The Shape of Water

3. A logo from the Campaign for Coexistence

4. A food item with more than 50 calories

5. A selfie with a Stop Sign

6. Bicycle spokes

7. A long and winding road

8.  Three people wearing sunglasses and bike helmets 

Please upload other photos to these Facebook Pages:
www.mayisbikemonth.com and Great Scott Bike and Walk Event

2017 Highlights of Photo Scavenger Hunt

Best Over All Photo - Cindy Knoble

Most creative photo:  Edward Nieto

2016 Highlights of Photo Scavenger Hunt ...

2016 Great Scott!  Photo Scavenger Hunt Winners

Scavenger Hunt Winner:  Laura Sisterson

(randomly drawn from successful entries)

Winners of Best In Show

Sandra Jacks

Ryan Horikoshi


Marian McKenna