30 miles
   7 hours
    0 cars  

A free, self-supported walk/ride for all abilities

    Ride CANCELED for 2019


More FAQs . . . 

Q.  Why is the ride canceled in 2019?

A.  Many hours of planning are required to hold any event.  In the case of the Great Scott Ride, Sacramento County carried the bulk of the burden of planning; for example ordering and delivery of the porta-potties.  Additionally, day of event costs are high.  Department of Transportation employees are required to provide flagging and traffic control prior to the event start and all the way through to the end.  

Q.  What do you mean it's costly to host?  

A.  The County of Sacramento has historically done a great job of making this event happen and making it look simple and free.  Over 20 staff people are required to help make this event happen.  They dedicate their time on the weekend even.  Due to Sacramento County hiring freezes over the last year, resources are at a premium as well as funding due to budget cuts.  

Q.  Why don't you charge people to ride?

A.  The beauty of the Great Scott Ride is it's a free and family-friendly event.  We feel it would take the fun out of the event if it became a pay-to-ride event.  

Q. What was the ride start?

A.  You can enter the ride course from one of four points:  White Rock Road and Luyung Drive (Rancho Cordova), Placerville Road (Folsom), White Rock Road near Latrobe Road (El Dorado Hills) and Stonehouse Road (Rancho Marietta).

Q.  How long was the ride?

A.  While we have more than 30 miles of open roads, each rider can determine their own ride length - from just a couple of miles to traversing the entire course!