30 miles
   7 hours
    0 cars  

A free, self-supported walk/ride for all abilities

    Ride CANCELED for 2020

2019 Great Scott Ride is CANCELED due to funding issues

Thank you to the County of Sacramento for providing the bulk of the funding over the last 8 years of the Great Scott Bike and Walk Event. 

As a past participant, I had no idea the amount of pre-planning and day-of-event staffing time required to successfully host the Great Scott Ride. 

Sadly, due to funding issues and hiring freezes, the County of Sacramento was forced to make a very tough decision to cancel the 2019 Great Scott Ride. 

Many thanks go out to those who rallied for sponsorships and funding this year.  Sadly, it just wasn't enough to make the ride happen.

Stay tuned! 
We do hope the ride returns in 2020 and for many years to come.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos from years past.  

2018 Great Scott Recap!

2017 Great Scott! Bike and Walk Event


Q. What was the Great Scott! Bike and Walk Event?

A. More than 30 miles of beautiful country roads, centered around Scott Road, where only cyclists and pedestrians are permitted for 7 hours.

Q. What's the date and hours?

A.  For 2019, the ride is canceled.  Typically, the ride is held the 1st Sunday in May.  

Q. Can I ride the route anyway?  

A.  For 2019, the ride is canceled.  This means all roads will be open to traffic with no restrictions.  The lack of shoulders and the number and speed of cars on the road do not make this route safe for the casual cyclist.  If you decide to ride the route, you do so at your own risk, just as you do anytime you ride your bike - or drive your car for that matter. 

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